Werewolf the Forsaken : Trouble in Manitou

The intro for new players!!

Someone you trust with your life calls you on the phone and tells you he knows this wealthy Uratha (Werewolves) of the Forsaken tribes. He tells you this man is looking for a few Uratha. You take the offer. Next thing you know your at this Uratha’s Mansion. The man has long blonde hair, blue eyes, and a goatee. He wears a suit but you see through the attire, this guy looks tough.

He introduces himself then tells you he is the leader of the Silver Syndicate. He gives you this long story about how he fought against some great spirit and how he had to unite several werewolf packs to do it. Basically a lot of those packs are dead or missing now.

He says just recently he assembled a pack and had them take over the abandoned property of one of those recently deceased packs. Since then this new pack has struggled like any new pack does to maintain order in their new territory. He asks you to join this new pack he made.

He says you are being sent as a reinforcement and a permanent addition to this pack to replace the new packs recently deceased members. He points at a few motor cycles and some shabby cars in his garage and offers you one. He also hands you a Lt Revolver (.38). Good luck…



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