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Dean Ithaeur/BoneShadow

Growing up a second generation American, Dean was constantly moving from base to base. Military base that is, his father joining the Army in order to obtain his citizenship. His father had moved out from Ireland and was pursuing a better education in the states, when citizenship became an issue and joined the service to resolve it. Being raised in the life as a military brat, Dean decided to join the service after high school. He joined as a medic and shortly after finishing his schooling in the service was shipped off to a war zone. Not much is known from his time at war outside of his injury. Taking shrapnel to his left leg (thigh), and damaging the muscle. Unable to really run any longer, he decided to pursue a college education in medicine with a focus on trauma and pharmacology. After graduating in the early year of 1998 he began to realize he was missing something. He couldn’t place it and turning to faith he started to study spirituality, religion, and the occult.

In the beginning of April 1999 things began to become strange for Dean. He started to see things out of the corner of his eyes, at first. It progressively started to become a lot more to the point where he began to see what could only be explained as ghosts roaming around and gathering near him. This brought him to start researching in the occult, but he found most sources to be highly unreliable. It was more then unsettling and with his residency at a local hospital causing him grief due to a recent lawsuit, his stress was mounting.

Then on April 12th during his normal scheduled emergency department hours a patient came in with lacerations to his upper torso and several contusions and a single gun shot wound to the right shoulder. He was brought in via ambulance and was being brought in by the EMTs. Dean approached the patient to get an update from the EMTs and to get an initial impression of the patients state when the patient, who had appeared to be unconscious, wakes up and pushes himself up and at Dean. Reflexively, Dean throws up his arm to prevent the patient from getting to his face. The patient, what appeared to be a 25 year old Caucasian male, landed on the doctor, pushing the both of them to the ground from the impact. At first Dean laid there frozen, with only one thought, “What the Hell?” Then without warning or provocation the man leans down and savagely bites into Deans forearm. What happened next confused and surprised Dean, something welled up inside him, something not human. It felt angry and savage, and it compelled Dean to give in to that savagery and fight back. Then its started to happen, things began to just change. A pain began to split his head as he suddenly saw so much more then he ever wanted to. Looming over him was a man? No, something, something else it didn’t look human, was it a ghost? Dean wasn’t sure about any of it anymore. He was certain of one thing, this must be what its like to die.

After that day many things happened rather quickly, a realization that he was no longer Human, that things were really hidden behind many different veils, and a desire to figure out what it all was and meant. For weeks of seclusion he looked and hunted for information, trying to figure out what is true and false. Then he gets a call from a trusted friend asking to meet him. In need of a break from it all and figuring it was relatively safe, Dean agrees to the meet up. His friend and him sit down at a local coffee shop and go slowly talk about everything, eventually leading into the new discovery and an even bigger one from his friend. Almost happily his friend explains so much for him but eventually the shop closes and Dean decides to mull it over at home. After a day a call comes in again, this time though it was not for a meet up with a friend but rather to visit and meet a new person, Max Roman. That is when so much more is explained.

Standing at 5’ 9" he is wiry built and paler then ivory most days. He has short brown hair, kept short due to his desired professions, and the curly nature it appears in if grown out. He keeps a trimmed goatee and appears to have fairly chiseled features, but whether it is due to his bone structure or the lack of weight is anyone’s guess. He is wearing some black jeans with black tennis shoes and a black polo t-shirt.



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