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Fritz Irraka/Hunter in Darkness

Fritz Ivansteen
Born: West Germany
Age: 39
Occupation: Hunter & Gamekeeper
Height: 6’0”, Weight: 182 lbs (93KG)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Race: European Caucasian
Nationality: German
Auspice Moon: New Moon (Irraka)
Tribal Affiliation: Hunters in Darkness
“We must be the shadow that hides the truth”

Fritz was never a man for cities. Fathered Dolf by the game keeper and mothered by Truda a Cook of the isolated Shanzer Estate. Due to the rural location of the Estate Fritz spent his childhood exclusively on there. That said there was never a shortage of things exploring the grounds, caring for the game, cleaning the house and training the dogs took up most of his time.

Fritz never went to school. From age 6 he was ‘Home-schooled’ by his farther, Dolf. He was tutored in “The piratical things” Dolf would say “none of that fancy stuff”. Classes like Math, Science, art, music and even how to read and write were out. Tracking, Shooting, riding, skinning and Animal Handling were in. The better Fritz preformed and the older he got the more Dolf would push him.

Soon the lessons nature change taking on a form more like training. Dolf would take Fritz out and leave him in the forest for a week to fend for himself only to return a week later and take him home home. Dolf ask Fritz to catch and kill rabbits with his bare hands. Dolf would even take Fritz in to the woods a spar with him beating him to with in an inch of his life only to chary the body home.

So life went on until a fateful night: Not long after Fritz’s 16 birthday he was awoken not long after midnight by his farther.

“Come child there is work to be done!”

Rubbing sleep from his eyes Fritz rose following his farther. Out the hut down the drive in to the forest. Bang! Bang! Where those gun shots?
His farther was tense Fritz could feel a powerful presser from him the likes of which he had never felt before. As they got deeper and deeper in to the forest Fritz felt shotgun being pressed in to his hands. What an earth could be going on Fritz through but before he could ask he heard it. Lights and Voices, three of them in the dark:

“What is it!” said the first

“Im telling you dogs on two legs it here here” said a second

“Its massive” said a third

“Im getting a picture” announced the second again “could be worth a fortune”

“We should call the cops man” Chimed in the first

At this something changed in his farther he body shifted growing to something resembling a wolf and he was off. After the lights. Fritz gave chase as best he could. Screams, “Another one!”, Gun shots, then nothing. By the time Fritz arrived his ‘farther’ was done. Blood so much blood. Three mangled bodies surrounded the bullet riddled corps of an animal Fritz had never seen before. His farther looked at him human again. “We must talk”

(to be finished)



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