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The Current Alpha of the Pack
Gaberiel Rahu/BloodTalon

Raised in a rural area i was in scouts and had several pets, i spent most of my time in the woods exploring when i was 14 i got 2 new puppies we are inseparable. At the age of 15 my dad got a promotion so we had to move to the city.No woods only a park bah this sucks, but i had my dogs. I got in trouble a lot at school, and needed to find more constructive ways to spend my time. I took up boxing and i was good at it. i spent most of my days in the park playing with my dogs and the early nights training in the gym. Last winter while my parents where on vacation in Florida my dad tried to stop a robbery and both my parents where shot by the time help arrived they had both past.

Home alone late at night just grabbing a quick bite before heading out to the gym. Over the Tv i here 2 shot robbery gone bad and it peeks my attention when they say it happened in Florida so i sit down take a big bite of roast beef and look up to see a amateur video of the robbery. Hey that looks like my dads coat.Ring-ring goes my cell and i know from the tone its my dad he left me a voice mail me i look at the phone. missed call from DAD 1 new message from DAD i listen to it "Son we love you.(i can hear screaming in the back ground and my dads voice is cracking) You made us very happy always remember we love you "(my dad coughs) it goes silent….Then I here someone scream call 911 there is blood everywhere!!! Next thing I know im naked waking up in the park with bits of fur and bloody meat on me and in my mouth.

At the funeral my uncle Bill came to me and offered to take me and my dogs. Still shattered over what happened and having no where else to turn i accepted his offer.While living with my uncle I worked for animal control it help to hide the carnage from hunting. I rescued two wolf cubs from a car wreak and raised them trained them and hunt with them.

My uncle a member of the blood talons had me do a quest to enter his tribe. i was to stop a guy from selling drugs to the local school. using my partial change gift it was easy to track the drugs down but he wasn’t alone he was with 2 friends so i confronted him. and he did what every bully does and mad fun of the way i talk. a fight broke out i took out 1 before they knew it the bully got in a lucky hit then i countered and took out his last friend. the bully got in another hit 1 on 1 and bam down goes the bully. I then take his drugs and whisper in his ear sell to kids again and you will die.that night the blood talons welcomed me but not with open arms, as we sat around the camp fire. Apisi the rites master was preforming some ritual the next thing i know my uncle take me to a circle with 4 pack mates around me and now i had to fight and fight i did i didn’t win but they all a bruises that lasted a minute or 2 and after i woke up they gave me a beer and i was in.

My uncle got a call from an old friend and told me I needed to head west young man head west and by Gorram I did.



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