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Sean Ithaeur/GhostWolf

“Alone.. No never alone, yet always forsaken.”

Sean has never been one for the company of others. An orphan at birth, always sitting off to the sides, and never speaking to others unless required. It wasn’t that nobody wanted to speak with him, on the contrary he had many times to pursue relationships, but it never mattered to him.

Yet there was one who had broken him out of his studying stupor at the orphanage, a girl who wouldn’t leave him alone. At first he tried to hide, no he tried to ignore, threaten, and at one point screamed a there, but she wouldn’t budge, nor move an inch.

She would smile and tell him “Your weird.”

Eventually these two would become inseparable, much to the annoyance of the caretakers. They didn’t hate Sean but they found him so odd, not right by there minds and to be associated with that could only hurt chances for adoption.

By age 18 he was required to leave which was an even tougher pill to swallow given his friend was only 16, two more years. At this moment he refused to budge only being able to leave once she had told him it would be alright.

The next two years went by in a flash for him, the days were to long, and then nights far to short. Though this all ended one day when he heard a knock at his door seeing her again.

The two truly were inseparable after that, she moved in with him, they stayed in the same room, and even promised themselves to each other. She would try and break him out of his isolationism but eventually she accepted it was who he was. Though this sadly was never meant to last, fate would decree a far different outcome.

At 23, he felt ready to ask her, to fully commit himself to her. They wen’t to the park, the same they had gone to when they were younger only to discover his ideal place was home now to a few gang members. They ambushed them both and held them both down, one even fetching the ring from his pocket insulting and ridiculing that someone like him deserved a girl like this.

“I think we deserve something this sweet boys.” there leader stating pulling a knife to her throat.

They both stared at each other now Sean and Alice both the look of understanding in her eyes was surreal as she could see what they planned to do, what the men holding Sean would do.

“It’s going to be okay.” he stated frantically looking to her praying she wouldn’t do it.

“I love you.” it was her final words before she brought her foot back into the mans groin. Only to have her throaty slit.

“No! No! Fuck!” he snapped there looking to the man as he dropped her to the ground.

“Gut that fucking mongrel!” he stated hunching over.

He was ready for death now, he was ready to die he wanted to, but yet again fate would play it’s hands under the crescent moon. His body contorted as he screamed out in pain and sadness, his limbs changing as for his first change he took on his Urshul form.

By dusk the only things left of those men were pieces, his mind only being able to remember pieces, but those memories are something that haunts him still to this day.

After they were dead he returned to her side and collapsing next to her still form he gave out a pained howl which echoed across there town. All would know sadness, all would feel his pain that night from his howls. When the next day came he buried her, gave her a decent funeral, but when he showed to the funeral people were surprised instead of an all black ensemble, he had on a red hoodie, her red hoodie.

To this day he wanders trying to unravel the secrets behind what he is, the things he see’s now, but most of all he will never let someone get that close again. And Alice’s hoodie will always be his memory, his shield from the world, and his cure to his broken heart.

He would run across another of his own eventually, another Ghost Wolf. From him he would learn what the score was, what was going on in the world, and what people like him needed to be doing. Truth be told he didn’t care for the world anymore, he didn’t give a shit about humanity anymore, nor these spirits. But he decided to help because that’s what Alice would have wanted him to do.

To this end now he hunts alone stalking and killing these spirits now, although his newest hunt has lead him to a new town, a new area, and already his quarry is attempting to flee, but why would it be so paniced if it was only him.



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