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Juliet Ithaeur/BoneShadow

Name: Juliet “Trouble” Falcone
Wolf Name: Trouble

Age: 20
Height: 5"7’
Weight: 125 lbs
Build: Skinny / Fit

Occupation: Waitress at the Folksy Diner

Education: Colorado Springs High School

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Song: Trouble By Pink
Exercise: Dancing and hunting with her pack.

Clothing: dresses that are above the knee or skirts with a nice shirt.
Her usual outfit

Juliet was born to Franky Falcone and Samantha Falcone. The family spent most of their time within the wilderness of Colorado. Juliet was the youngest of five. Her parents were shape shifters and the whole pack she was raised from was shapeshifters. The names given to them of course had to do with how they were and acted, therefore Juliet’s wolf name given was Trouble due to the fact of her insatiable curiosity and how the cub was always hyper and not taking time to think before she acted. The pack would rotate who lived in Colorado inside an old run down house. The cubs were not allowed to join human cities until they hit a mature age and could control shifting back to their true form in front of the non shifters. Sadly like most packs they have rival packs who were trying to take out the shifters thinking of them as freaks and sinners of their kind due to several marrying and mating with humans.

A few packs were furious with the wolf blooded members beginning to increase in the area and tried various times to challenge and force the Changers out of their own territory. Due to the seer strength, nothing was successful till one pack got a smart idea and stole a few of the cubs. Juliet was captured and used as bait to lure out her father to a duel for the western section of the wilderness. The pack tore up Juliet pretty badly and left her bleeding in a pool of blood behind the alpha while her father came. Both packs alphas fought to the death and the changers won, sadly the den mother defied law and tore the throat out of another wolf due to the damage they did to the cub she was ordered to protect. This let to issues between packs since the changers are known now as killers of their own kind.

A few years after when Juliet was at the human age of 10, she was allowed to move into human territory and began to be taught and placed into the education system. She was taught how human’s think, the dos and donts near anything that was not a shifter both for humans and for wolves, and she was given jobs to start watching over her fellow siblings due to them being short a den mother. She worked hard and wound up graduating from High school. Due to her minor slip ups though and the pack needing her to help out, Juliet would never go to college and began to work around the area to help fellow pack members out from hunting to aiding and watching over them like a protective big sister or even sometimes like their own mother’s would.

Juliet kept herself redeemed and proving her worth which made other pack members that were higher up in rank to even some rival packs idolize and show interest in her. She also seemed to have some kind of high spiritual essence which made the dead seem to beacon to her from the delicious smell of her essence.

Juliet did begin to work a job as a waitress at the folksy diner and is a bit of a flirt so she can earn extra cash in tips to aid in buying clothes and helping with the small amount of bills she creates.



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