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Vladimir Cahalith/BloodTalon

He has a tatoo on his back, but instead of the normal skull there is a werewolf skull instead.
His wolf form.

This mountain of a man is a bloodthirsty beast that could tear you appart with his bare hands and that’s just the humanoid form we’re talking about. While his body shows a clearly battle tempered killer of men, women and other supernatural beasts it’s his mind that can truly drive home the sense of true dread once the unfortunate enemy sees the eyes of the man who has surrendered himself to his most primal instincts.

Never backing down from a fight and allways on the look out this Uratha is the nuclear option that you send in once you don’t have any other way to deal with a problem. His lust for battle can be only matched by his curosity for occult artifacts. While he does acknowledge himself to be a bit of a reckless bloodthirsty berserker, his ideology goes way beyond simple violence. He believes that Kuruth is his own way of getting closer to the father wolf, both in body and spirit. His search for the occult is based on a premise of finding a relic that can transcend his rage and thus bring him what he sees as enlightenment.

Born and raised within the Uratha society Vladimir had the priviledge of knowing the beast that resided inside him from an early age, this however did not make for a happy childhood or a sound mental state. Might makes right is not a philosophy universally instiled into every Uratha, but he for one definitelly saw it that way. And there was a geniuine philosophy involved mind you, despite his appearance he’s a learned man often able to eloquently argue his case before resorting to the innevitable violence.

He definitelly counted himself as one of the troublemakers when it came to fights, often times winning and using his fists to prove his points, at first he got by, but then there came a time when broken collar bones were suddenly not so easily swept under the rug and violently beating his peers did not bring him any greater recognition nor admiration. Somehow that moment in Uratha society where one realizes that this is the point where the violence should stop passed Vlad by. The fact that during his first change he accidentally killed the pack mate who bit him in order to help him with the change didn’t help his situation one bit.

However his family knowing his disposition eventually found a place for him, now whether that was out of love, fear or both it’s hard to say. He’s been given the position of an enforcer for various packs around the states due to his violent nature. That said for that very reason he also never really stuck with a single pack for long and previous attempts to tame him were a bit “unfortunate.” Though for some odd reason he allways walked away with a lesson to be learned as he left his previous scene of carnage. Some sort of weird memento or simply his own way of expresing his cahalith heritage.

Recent history:
At a certain point his luck ran out and he was stopped in one of his murder sprees. He was taken, caged and endured several years of harsh torture. To this point he does not yet know who took him and this is one of those exceptions where he geniuenly feels resentment against his captors. Before he has never expirienced hate since it’s allways been one short angry outburst after another, but during this traumatic event he realized that he truly hated his captor. This new emotion flourished by tapping into his wild side, making him more in tune with his inner beast. Once he was free he resumed his old life style, eventually catching the attention of Max Roman.

All things said and done, he’s been doing this job for a while and is still breathing which is one of his many qualities that made Max Roman overlook his flaws. While he hasn’t been with the silver syndicate for long, he’s been working for Max in one way or another for 3 years now. He’s not even sure himself why this never resulted in the bloody conflict and eventual departure, but it seems like he has come close to being able to accomodate his standarts for now. However not even the strongest death stare Max had in his arsenal could turn him away from taking every opportunity he gets to search for new potent magical items in his relentless quest for spiritual perfection. He made a good case and Max was already in the process of sending other werewolves to help out another forsaken pack with some pure problems, but it was pretty clear that this was not much of him allowing Vlad to go, but rather a wise alpha getting out of the way of a wild animal.

As far as his tribal innitiation went it was a bit unorthodox because at that point his bad reputation has reached their ears and they disallowed any violent practices being involved in Vlad’s case. So his joining at first seemed like a dull prospect to him. This quickly changed once he was greeted by a fellow blood talon cahalith who instead of giving him the same treatment he got his entire life treated him with respect and even on some level understood the depth of his conviction. They talked and discussed for days, from reciting war stories of the people to philosophical debates on father wolf it seemed like there was no conection between theese two educated people and the two bloodthirsty werewolves. Before Vladimir realised the entire procedure he was told that the innitiation was over and that it’s his turn to write his own story and this was the first time in a long time Vladimir acctually enjoyed not getting to fight someone.



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